Generation to Generation Heirlooms was originally born with the idea of providing heirlooms for children - rocking horses, cradles, push toys.  I was making these for our grandchildren and wanted to handcraft these items for other parents and grandparents.

As we discussed this with my wife's BFF, Margaret, she strongly suggested that we move in the direction of items for quilters.    

We took her advice and, in 2011 I started to design and craft quilt ladders.  In the Fall of that year, we attended a few local Quilt Shows, were very well received, and found that there truly was a need for these heirlooms.  I was able to provide Quilt Ladders for the first eight years we were in existence, until my age and health prevented me from making these items any longer.  However, my wife and I are still able to create many items for Quilters, such as Project Hangers, Miniature Iron Stands, Needle Threader Bases and Spool Adaptors.  In addition, we continue to create Children's toys and many unique wooden Christmas items.  So, the venture continues, just down-sized a bit.

Living in the Central Valley of California affords us the unique ability to venture North, South, East and West, attending Quilt Shows with great ease.  We may not be able to attend every Quilt Show that is available, but we try to attend 11-12 each year in various locations.  

We will always hold dear to our hearts the guild members from Sonora (Sierra Quilt Guild).  They were our very first Show in September, 2011. and took us under their wing, explained how things worked and made us feel so very welcome.

Please visit our "Come Visit Us" page to see where we'll be next.  We'd love you to stop by our booth and say howdy!

"But LORD, You remain the same forever! 
Your throne continues from 
generation to generation.”  
Lamentations. 5:19

Handcrafted Treasures by Chuck Pederson, 
Master Woodworker
Specializing in homespun quilt racks and children's toys
Generation to Generation Heirlooms