Generation to Generation Heirlooms was born from the idea that one of the most memorable things a child can receive is an heirloom that was built especially for them - something that can be played with and then passed down to their children, and their children's children. 

With the birth of my grandchildren came the first of these heirlooms - labors  of love, handcrafted before they had even made their appearance on this earth. What joy when the day finally arrived and they were nestled snugly in the cradle so tenderly made months before their arrival.  And what delight when they grew old enough to play with their other special treasures, each made with their little lives in mind.

However, not every grandfather (or grandmother) knows how or has the tools to craft such an heirloom for their grandchild.  

What if I could provide heirlooms for those who 
aren't able to make their own?  

In answer to this question, Generation to Generation Heirlooms was born!

My wife's best friend encouraged us to expand into heirlooms for quilters with Quilt Racks and Quilt Ladders, which has proven to be the bulk of our business and the perfect niche for us to fill.  We offer to you beautiful wooden creations to display your beautiful quilted creation - Our ladders, paired with your quilts become prized heirlooms to be treasured and then passed on to the next generation of quilters, in an effort to keep the old traditions alive.

"But LORD, You remain the same forever! 
Your throne continues from 
generation to generation.”  
Lamentations. 5:19

Handcrafted Treasures by Chuck Pederson, 
Master Woodworker
Specializing in homespun wooden toys, cradles and quilt racks
Generation to Generation Heirlooms