On the other hand, I do not try to compete with countries that mass produce items for us to buy.  My items are built for you, which is why I brand and sign each piece.

If price is your primary consideration, then you probably won’t do business with me.  However, if finding a quality item, made with care and love, is something you consider valuable, then Generation to Generation Heirlooms is the place to come.  

With the items I make:

You will be investing in a product that is made by my hands.  If it falls apart in normal use (doubtful), I will make it right, if possible.

You will own a product that is made using the best materials I can lay my hands on.

You will know what your heirloom is made of.

You will have in your possession an heirloom that can be passed down for generations.

What I will not take responsibility for:

Global warming or deforestation.  Most of my items are made of pine, because I want to make these treasures affordable for a wide variety of people. However, if you ask for a piece made using an expensive, exotic wood, I will do my best to find that wood for you, with no apologies.

A bit about my woodworking….

Each item I make is made with quality in mind.  I make it as though my own grandchildren, wife or daughter will be using it.  I don’t choose cheap products, make them “just good enough”, or get sloppy.  I burn my mistakes, literally.