Friends We've Met Along the Way.....​

In this grand adventure, we have been blessed to meet some wonderful new friends.  

People who have laughed with us...cared about us...
and shared their experience and wisdom with us.  

This page is just a small way of thanking them for their kindness and support.  

Lipstick to Crayons
Lipstick to Crayons is a Web site that has been created by Michelle Cox, a busy mother of 3, to help Moms do their job more frugally and stay grounded while also juggling the many balls that all Moms must keep in the air. 
We were asked by Michelle to craft a 7 1/2 foot quilt ladder to display the quilt she made in memory of her father. She honored us by featuring Generation to Generation Heirlooms on her website.

Thanks, Michelle, for  your kind words and enthusiasm for what you do.

Kalimba Soundz
Mary and Sammy are originally from Ghana and make these beautiful straw baskets, in different sizes and wonderful colors.  Sammy also makes musical instruments, called Kalimbas, that create very soothing sounds as they are played.  We love listening to them play and enhaling the earthy aroma that emanates from their booth.
What a story they have to tell!

Thanks, Mary and Sammy, for your smiles and beautiful music!   
Timeless Calico Designs
Owned by Lindy, this wonderful store in Sonora offers a wide variety of historic reproduction fabrics, including all of the colors from the Civil War era.  
She can usually be found with her friend, Patty, who offers vibrant colored fabric that she has hand-dyed.

Thanks, Lindy and Patty for being such great neighbors at Ironstone!
Downhome Handspun Fibers
While this is not a picture of Kim at a Quilt Show, it is a picture of Kim with her goats!  
What a woman - Kim raises and shears the goats to make her yarn.  She grows the flowers that are used to dye the yarn.  And she cards and spins the yarn on an old-fashioned spinning wheel! Amazing! 

Thanks, Kim, for sharing what you do with us - don't forget to label each bag with the name of the goat it came from!
Bella Art Glass
Terri and Bob create the most amazing jewelry from fusing colored glass.  The jewelry simply "pops" in the sunlight and we enjoyed sharing our sunshine at Ironstone with them!   What fun people.  Be sure to read Terri's bio - she won an Olympic Bronze medal in swimming and, we discovered, is also a world-class yo-yoer!

Thanks, Terri, for keeping us on-time! 

Ladybug's Quilts
Sheri, Susan and Julie own this wonderful quilt store in our home town of Manteca, CA.  They have been a wonderful resource for us and have been so very supportive of Generation to Generation Heirlooms.  We love seeing them at most every Quilt Show we attend and you will find us quite entertaining when we are next door to each other!  Sandra (pictured above on the right) works in the shop and gets paid in fabric!  What a deal!

Thanks for your wonderful smiles and your bountiful encouragement!

Quilts of Honor
This non-profit  organization was started by Joan Belmont, a veteran who wanted to honor other veterans with "quilts of honor."  She wanted to acknowledge both the seen and unseen wounds that our servicemen and women will carry for the rest of their lives.  We had the privilege of observing the presentation of four quilts during the Tuleburg Quilt Show on 11/12/11.  It was a moving ceremony that included a young Navy Seal (father of 4 adorable daughters) and a retired General in his 90's!

Click this link to see pictures of the ceremony: 
Second Chance Fabrics
"Every fabric deserves a second chance"
Shamara and her mom, Janice, specialize in pre-owned fabrics - stashes  that have been lying around or fabric that is part of the estate of a quilter.  They love to adopt these fabrics, screen them for flaws and then help them find a new home!
Here you see a very calm Shamara at the 2012 Oakdale Quilt Show - only 1 week away from her wedding ! 
D's Quilting
Dora and Alex join us at most every Quilt Show we attend and they have been a source of encouragement and fun.  Dora's booth features all of her own patterns and quilting ideas, many with an exotic oriental flare - they are truly beautiful works of art.
Dora has given us many wonderful ideas that come from her many years of being in the quilting world. 
Sewn into the Fabric
Rana began sewing as a young girl, at the encouragement of her mom.  At 11, she graduated to a "real" machine that gave her nothing but grief for years, but she forged on with her desire to sew.  In 1995 a group of women from her church took her under their wing and asked her to join the quilting group they were starting.  The rest is history.  As she grew in her quilting skills, she gained confidence to begin designing her own patterns, which are beautiful.  It has been a delight to cross paths with Rana and get to know her better.