Placing an Order for Pick up or Delivery

If you want to pick up your order from our workshop in Manteca or at one of the Quilt Shows we will be attending, do NOT order through Etsy!

If you want us to deliver your item to you, do NOT order through Etsy!

Here's how to do it:
1. Call us or email us with what you want and when or where you want to pick it up.

2. We will create an invoice and email it to you for payment.  
    If picking up, the invoice will include the total cost plus local tax, but no shipping.
    If we will be delivering to you, the invoice will include the total cost, tax and a        delivery charge of $0.50 per mile to cover our time and gas.  

3. You pay the invoice with your credit card and we will have the item or items ready     for pick up.  You can also mail us a check, if you prefer, or pay at the Quilt Show.

Don't forget, if you are ordering a Quilt Rack or Ladder, 
you need to allow 6-8 weeks for it to be made for you. 

You can call to see if you have your Quilt Ladder in stock, 
but be prepared to wait!