The Generation to Generation 
Heirlooms Family
While I may be the person out in the Workshop each day making piles and piles of sawdust that is then tracked into the house....there are many people who work behind the scenes to allow me to do what I love.  Each one has their own special role in the Generation to Generation Heirlooms Family..
Chuck Pederson, Master Woodworker

That's me, covered with dust.  I'm the one who will hand-make your treasure, brand it and sign it.  
Marcy - CFO, Webmaster, Executive Secretary and VP of Marketing

My wife and partner since 1979, Marcy handles all of the paperwork and "details" that would simply bog me down.  In addition to working fulltime at another job, she organizes the business, keeps track of our financials and also creates all of the "This 'n That" items that we sell. Pictured with Marcy is one of our many cats, Tweedlebug, who does NOT help in the business.  
Lucy Ann - VP of Research and Development

Here you see our oldest granddaughter, Lucy, who is the reason I started this business.  She joined the Generation to Generation Heirlooms family in January, 2009 and was welcomed with an heirloom solid oak hanging cradle.  She slept in it the first 4 months of her life and has "allowed" her little sisters to borrow it!  She tests all of our children's items and her input and enthusiasm is invaluable.
Hannah Joy - Assistant

Welcomed into the Generation to Generation Heirlooms Family in April, 2011,  Hannah recently joined her big sister in the R&D Department.  Hannah's heirloom is a Rocking Horse that was modified into a carousel unicorn.   Hannah's universal response to everything is pure delight!
Andrew & Melissa - Business Consultants & Parents to Lucy, Hannah and Julia

Many has been the evening that we have sat and discussed ideas and plans with our daughter and son-in-law.  They are quick with their support, open with their suggestions, and honest when they don't think something will work!  Their input is so important to us!  Here you see them all at Kennedy Meadows in September, 2013, along with their dog, Jack.

While Aaron lived at home he acted as our unofficial security guard!  Now that he is out on his own, we have lost that extra layer of protection watching the house in the wee hours of the morning.  Aaron has been very supportive with our business and we look forward to adding his fiancee, Aya, to our family in the Fall of 2015!  Aya has been a wonderful help as we are training her to help with the set-up at Quilt Shows!

Julia Kate - Apprentice

Here is the latest addition to the Generation to Generation Family.  Julia joined us in August, 2012 and will eventually receive her heirloom - a Hope Chest - as soon as I have time to make it for her!  

We look forward to her growing up and enjoying all of the old fashioned toys we make and joining her big sisters in the R&D Department.