Convertible Quilt Ladder- $275.00
What more could you ask for than a Ladder that will convert to meet all of your needs:

 - Fold it up and lock it into position #1 for a travel quilt rack.

 - Open it up partially and lock it into position #2 for an A-Frame floor ladder.

- Open it up all the way, lock it into position #3 for an 8' leaning ladder!

Light-weight and easy to transport.

Folded Dimensions:
48" high x 6" deep x 36" wide

A-Frame Dimensions:
48" high x 24" deep x 36" wide

Leaning Ladder Dimensions:
96" high x 6" deep x 36" wide 
(Ladder needs about 19" of floor space in this position)

Pictured counter clock-wise:
 A-Frame Display position
Closed & Locked position
Ladder Position
A Generation to Generation Heirlooms Original Design!
6' 2-Section Corner Quilt Ladder - $250.00 
6' 3-Section Quilt Ladder Room Divider - $375.00

This is one of our most popular designs - 
a beautiful quilt ladder with a variety of display options:

Place it on an inside corner
Turn it around and place it on an outside corner
Open it flat and lean it up against the wall
You can even hang it on the wall in the flat position!

Add a 3rd section to create a room divider!  
Imagine this in your home, covered in beautiful quilts!  

Corner Ladder: 72" high x 72" wide (in the open position) x 4" deep 
Room Divider: 72" high x 108" wide x 4" deep

Quilter's Treasures
Position #2
Position #1
Position #3
Click video link for a demonstration of the Convertible Quilt Ladder.