This 'n That Treasures

Sometimes you are looking for something small, but unique, 
for a special person or child in your life.  

Take a tour through our This 'n That Treasures section and 
find just the right gift that will bring a smile to their face.

This 'n That for Children
Needle Box - $4.00 each

Made out of wood and stained and sealed with our conditioner, this small box gives you a perfect place to store your needles for easy access.

3 1/4 " long

Long Needle/Toothpick Holder - $4.00 each

This wooden container with a rubber stopper lid will allow you to transport your toothpicks or long needles without worry that they will spill out in your quilting bag!

4" long
Spinning Top - $4.00 each

Give this top a quick twist and watch it spin and dance.

If you do it just right, it will flip up on its end!

Available in stained or red
Wooden Yo-Yo - $7.00 each

This old-fashioned toy has brought great delight to children for years.

These are available in brightly painted colors.
Wooden Spools Stringing Toy - $8.00 each

Like the alphabet stringing toy shown above, this toy contains 15 spools that have been stained and rubbed with our wood conditioner, a needle on hemp string and an organza bag for storage.

Keep one of these in your bag to help keep little ones entertained during those periods of waiting!
Alphabet Block Stringing Toy - $9.00 each

Teach a child the alphabet as they develop their fine-motor skills through stringing the blocks.

This toy comes complete with 15 blocks, containing all 26 letters of the alphabet, includes a needle on hemp string, all stored in an adorable organza bag.
Ball and Cup Toy - $7.00 each

The cup-and-ball has its origins in Mexico in the sixteenth century. The game was loved by King Henry III of France and he was often seen playing in public.

After his death, the game went out of fashion and for 100 years the game was only remembered by a small number of enthusiasts.

Many of us can remember playing with one of these toys as a child.  Painted in bright colors, this toy will bring hours of delight to the child who receives it.  
Hammer & Nails Set - 
$11.00 each

It's never to early to introduce a child to woodworking!

This set comes with:
 a homespun wooden hammer
a piece of "wood" (foam) 
25 "nails"
All packaged in an organza bag!

What a fun gift for that budding woodworker!
Jacob's Ladder
$9.00 each

The Jacob's Ladder is a folk toy that dates back to the Pilgrim times in America. When the ladder is held at one end, blocks appear to cascade down the strings.

Kids and adults alike will spend hours trying to figure out how it works!

Each ladder is hand made in our shop and is available in 8 bright colors:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and Lime Green

Needle Threader Base with Travel Bag
$16.00 each

This base is made of a 3"x 5" piece of pine that has a 1" notch for your threader.  It includes a dowel for your spool of thread, a pincushion for needles and pins and a magnet to keep your scissors or needles from getting away from you.

The magnet and your threader are held in place with double-stick tape.  The base, your threader and all of the accessory pieces fit perfectly in the organza bag.    

This was designed to be used with the Clover Brand Needle Threader but can be used with the Dritz model also.
Quilter's Exercise Block - $3.00

Looking for just the right gift for that quilting friend?  Something they will relate to and will bring a smile to their face?

The Quilter's Exercise Block is just the thing.
Inside a small organza bag is a small wooden block.
On the outside are instructions for using it for their daily exercise.  

Guaranteed to make any die-hard quilter 

Spool Adaptor - $5.00

These wooden adaptors allow you to sew with large cones of thread without having the spools "flop" around on your sewing machine.  

Simply insert the adaptor into the bottom of your cone and slide it onto the spindle of your machine.  

Overall Height: 2 1/4"
Base: 1 1/4" diameter
Center Column: 3/4" diameter
Center Hole: 1/4" diameter
Miniature Iron Stand with Travel Bag
$14.00 each

This base was designed to hold your applique iron and keep it from burning you and your workspace.  

But it is so much more than that!

Use it for any style of miniature iron and buy a 2nd one to use with your hot glue gun!

Comes in a travel bag that is large enough to hold the base and any of the tools you use with it.  And the bottom is covered with non-skid rubber to keep it in place on your table.

Use with your applique iron
Use with other styles of miniature irons
Use with your hot glue gun